I have lately been on an ethnic breakfast binge.  Since spring has arrived, I’ve been keeping my fridge stocked with the obligatory carton of farmers’ market eggs — those cappuccino-shelled ovoids that respond to a hot, buttered pan by scrambling into perfectly light and fluffy pillows.  But coupling these eggs with potatoes or bacon or sausage in the traditional American style weighs me down and makes me want to curl right back into bed.  So I’ve been experimenting with incorporating my favorite Indian and Latin ingredients into the morning meal to wake up with a punch of flavor.

This weekend’s breakfast tostada layered a gently-fried egg, tender baby arugula, and velvety avocado atop a crunchy corn tortilla.  Cook the egg over-easy to over-medium, so the soft yolk intermingles with the flavors of the arugula and avocado.

Layer the following:

  • crisp corn tortilla
  • fried egg (or egg whites)
  • a handful of baby arugula
  • a few slices of avocado (about a quarter of a small avocado)
  • pico di gallo
  • diced white onions
  • crumbles of queso fresco
  • squeeze a quarter of a lime on top

We also liked variations with:

  • salsa verde
  • escabeche
  • pickled onions
  • corn salsa
  • cilantro
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