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#savingtheseason Plums: Prunes + Umeboshi


I’ve talked before about my love of obsession with canning and preserving.  And with harvest time just starting to take off, I thought it would be appropriate to do a #savingtheseason post series on how I’m preserving the summer bounty for colder, darker days.  I’m excited to share these recipes because I’ve taken some different preserving approaches this year — instead of making the twenty pints of jam like I’ve always done (then never use), I’m trying some unique preserves that I’ll actually eat during the rest of the year. (more…)

Italian Ice Two Ways: Prickly Pear + Horchata and Watermelon + Earl Grey


Summers in Boise inevitably follow a cycle wherein June is pleasantly warm, July is insufferable with endless strings of 105+ days in a row, and August finally becomes more tolerable as the evenings grow cooler and longer.  But August always gives us one last heat wave before summer can come to a close.  We’re in the midst of that August warm-up right now.

My tomatoes love it.  But me, not so much.


Honey-Almond Sponge Cake with Roasted Stone Fruits & Lemon-Rose Mousse


I’ve had this post in my back pocket for a while, saving it for a special occasion.  And finally, I think it’s due time to share this decadent cake in celebration of some milestones for The Otium!  First, I am excited to announce our mobile app, available for iPhone and iPad.  A few weeks ago, Harrison at DWNLD reached out to me with a pretty slick mock-up.  The app is now live, and eager to make its way onto your phone or tablet so you can access recipes at your convenience!  And second, I am also excited that our facebook page has surpassed 100 likes!  Join the party and keep up-to-date with new recipes and sneak peeks.

…but only after you make this cake! (more…)

Black & Blue Berry Tabbouleh

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College is where I was introduced to — and fell in love with — Middle Eastern food.  That’s when I finally made the connection that the delicious chickpea spread on my plate was the same stuff at the grocery store that I had previously pronounced “who-moos”, as though I were onomatopoetically trying to identify a cow. (more…)