There’s a 3.5-mile Boise Greenbelt loop around Marianne Williams Park that I can run again and again.  The stretch where the Greenbelt crosses Warm Springs Creek is overgrown by aggressive, aromatic trees.  Each spring, these trees send shoots that grow up under the Greenbelt, making the pavement look as pimply as my pre-teen forehead.  By May, the asphalt pimples burst and new tree shoots reach for the sky from across the Greenbelt.  Although this stretch is a cyclist’s worst nightmare (speaking from experience), it’s also rich with fauna — red-winged blackbirds singing from cattail perches, and butterflies on every flower.

Since I never carry a camera on my runs, I never get to photograph this favorite stretch of Greenbelt.  But I decided to drive to the spot today with camera in hand.  There’s an easy gravel parking area on the south side of Warm Springs Avenue, about a block west of Eckert.








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